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Thank you for becoming a member of the Nigeria Philosophical Association! Becoming an NPA member connects you with thousands of philosophers in Nigeria and across the world and also entitles you to many member benefits.

There are five NPA membership options:

Regular Membership: Open to those whose training in philosophy is advanced and systematic enough to make them competent to teach the subject at the college or university level.

International Membership: Open to those residing outside Nigeria who are otherwise eligible for regular membership.

Student Membership: Open and limited to those actively enrolled at an accredited college, university, or secondary school and who study philosophy or cognate fields. 

Colleague Membership: Colleague membership is open to those with academic appointments who are ineligible for regular membership, as well as those holding degrees in philosophy or cognate fields whose primary occupation is outside academia.

Please note that the NPA membership year runs from March 1 to February 29.

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