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To enjoy membership benefit, you must be a registered member of NPA..REGISTER NOW............ NPA takes Philosophy to Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria.......Prof. Jim Unah led administration activates NPA Regional Bodies in a bid to increase her functionalities


In few weeks to come, the organization shall operate virtually through her website: . It is important to know that the PAN Members Forum, as well as informative pages on this website, is only accessible to registered members who would be able to login with their membership annual pin. Thus, all members are mandated to register for proper accreditation and input of personal record in the data base of the organization.

Registration accords any individual the following benefits:

  1. Access to philosophical resources and links
  2. Submission of abstract and articles for publication by logging in with a “Unique pin”,
  3. Access to the organization online platforms and restricted pages
  4. Reception of personalized web-mail address e.g.
  5. Attendance of International Conference under the approval of the organization
  6. Ability to function as a member or executive of various Committees and Bodies of the organization.

You are all welcome to this new era, and you are enjoined to key into the procedures so as to enjoy the maximum benefit and privilege of belonging to this main professional body for Philosophers in Nigeria

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