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Article 1

Main Objectives:

  1. To promote active association among all those who are involved in philosophical research and training in Nigeria and promote the cause of philosophical education in the country…


Article 2


2.1       Membership is open to all persons involved in philosophical research and training in Nigeria regardless of their institutional affiliations…

Article 3

General Meeting

3.1       The General Meeting of the Philosophers Association of Nigeria shall be made up of the Executive Committee and all fee paying members of the association…

Article 4

The Executive Committee

4.1       There shall be a National Executive Committee of the Association which shall comprise the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, Asst. General Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, 2 ex-officio members (1 from each zone, namely the chairman of the zone)…

Article 5

Activities of the Association

5.1       Each zone shall organize academic conferences as regularly as possible, while the national body of the association shall organize conferences/symposia/workshops once in two years….

Article 6


6.1       The General Meeting can lay down, amend or revoke a provision of this constitution by a two-thirds majority of accredited members present…

Article 7

Election Matters

7.1       Each officer of the Association shall serve a maximum of 2 consecutive terms on a post…

Article 8

Termination of Membership

8.1       Membership shall be terminated on grounds of a grievous breach of code of conduct…

Article 9

Bank Account and Signatories

9.1       The PAN shall maintain a bank account in a reputable bank….

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